Resolutions or Intentions

Hey Beautiful!

How are you? It’s Freedom Friday and I’m coming to ask you a favor.

At the end of 2021, did you reflect on your life? Like many, you probably have identified some ideas or areas that you wanted to change. As such, we set new year resolutions for things that we feel are wrong in our life and needed changing. We probably also came up with a plan to fix those things. But Beautiful, what if it’s not intended for you to change them? What if you can’t change them because in trying you are taking things into your own hands rather than relying on God to make the way? After all, He is a miracle worker.

So rather than make resolutions, make intentions. Intentions are plans or desires but they are not necessarily tied to the outcome. Intentions have a more compassionate energy. They simply request that we bring high energy to our actions and make our best efforts to change. Do you see the difference? When we are knocked off course, we can begin again without getting caught up with self-judgment. We can simply move on, realizing that tomorrow is a brand new day. With intention setting, our focus is not on what we need to fix, but rather what we want to create.

So Beautiful, please do me a favor – set an intention TODAY! What would make today beautiful? Aim to write down your intentions each and every morning. Give them an assignment. Give them what you want to create.

Now go grab you a cute journal or notebook and a cute pen and get to setting those intentions! Comment below and let me know what intentions you are setting.

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