What’s your beautiful?

Let’s have a real conversation today! I’m asking you to get quiet and still and answer this for me so grab a piece of paper and something to write with.

Who are you? Who is the REAL you?

Who are you when no one is watching?

What is your BEAUTIFUL?

I recently had to review and update my bio and it was not an easy task. Trying to write out who you were so that someone understands who you are and what you do can be a very difficult task. Hmm – the thoughts definitely tried it because it’s easier to list our flaws rather than what we are good at but God got the glory!

Each of us is created with our OWN BEAUTIFUL. God created each of us with our own unique characteristics and purpose but life gets in the way. Life tries to tell us that we are not worthy. Life tries to tell us that we are not equipped. Life tries to tell us that we are other than beautiful! (Notice I said TRIED) But, it’s through the strength of God that OUR BEAUTIFUL wins. Our beautiful is unbreakable. Our beautiful is designed to SHINE!

So Beautiful, don’t be afraid to be who God called you to be! Don’t be afraid to be the person that you just wrote down! Don’t be afraid to be YOUR BEAUTIFUL! Let your BEAUTIFUL show up in the world because we need you.  We need you to remind us of our own beautiful. Show up today like how Kamala Harris recited her oath in power on Wednesday. Show up today like how God created you to be – ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND COMPLETELY UNBREAKABLE!

Dare to Dream

They say there are two roads to every journey – the easy or hard road, the high or low road. No matter which road you are choosing, we have to look at OUR WILLINGNESS to travel! Are you willing to do the work in order to make your dream come true? Are you willing to keep pushing when every obstacle gets in the way? Are you willing to do the work when no one is willing to walk the journey with you?

Dreams aren’t realized because of our fear. But here’s the thing – fear doesn’t look the same for everyone. It could look like not wanting to fail, not wanting to lose, not wanting to make mistakes, procrastination, not wanting to move because we THINK we lack the resources. No matter what YOUR fear is, you are not alone.

The key to dreaming is that we have to know when to unlock the door. We look at the door in front of us and believe that we can’t accomplish our dream because of our fear. We think that we are not equipped or unqualified. But, I’m here to tell you that if you have the dream then you have the key to accomplish it. And that key is TRUST. Use what you have in your heart and trust God enough to unlock the door. Don’t stay stuck in your comfort zone because you feel safe. Our dreams are beyond our OWN capabilities. It’s all in the strength that God provides along the journey!

And that journey is learning to grow, adjust, develop who we have been called to be! You may have two roads to choose BUT we have the master key…Trust in GOD! Today, dare to dream! Dream and get ready to live it out!

Remember the Source

Hey Beautiful! 
I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.  Are you stayed prayed up during this unprecedented time?  Are you feeling overwhelmed because of the uncertainty that we are facing? 

I must be honest and say that I’ve had a moment or two of feeling overwhelmed with the current time that we are in.  I had to honestly ask myself why and sit with that answer because I needed peace.  I needed to let God know what I was experiencing so that He can give me some guidance and clarity.  So, I went to journal and was shocked at what I was writing and received.   

I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed because nothing about this situation is anything that I can control.  No matter how much you do to make the necessary preparations, there is nothing that I can do in order to make my kids or family feel like things are still normal.  There is nothing normal about your kids not being able to go to school to see their friends.  There is nothing normal about not being able to come and go when you want.  There is nothing normal about not being able to connect with family and friends. 

But, what I do know is normal is that God has everything under control!  He has us in the midst of the isolation and separation.  He has us in a season of learning to trust Him no matter what is going on in the world.  So you see, although, we don’t have life as we once knew it, we still have God and that should be enough.  When is the last time you talked to God like we would connect with family and friends?   

Today, shift your mind from isolation and separation to gratitude and give thanks for the quiet time.  Give thanks for this time to reconnect with the source.  Give thanks for still being alive and given a chance to believe in something greater than our own comforts.   

Beautiful, I love you and I am grateful for you! Find the peace within this situation and believe in something greater.  Find your beautiful despite the circumstance! 


Sit in Silence

Hi, Beautiful!

There is so much going in our head that we are often left trying to do anything and everything to figure it out. We cause ourselves to worry because our plan is not working and we are getting frustrated. We are looking at our life and wondering why things are not lined up with the vision. We wonder what we are doing wrong because we don’t have the success that we see and desire.

Well, have you ever wondered what it would be like to just sit and wait? What if the answer is there in front of us but because we can’t silence the chaos within or around us we can’t hear the instruction.

Instead of mapping our your ideas and plan, just sit! Sit in the silence have have the patience to wait! Trust me, I know it’s hard to be still but what other option do you have at this point? Do you want to continue stressing yourself out or do you want to release and wait?

On this Freedom Friday, sit in the silence and find the patience to wait! It’s all worth in end the end. You just have to be still.

The Power of Resistance

Hi, Beautiful!

Have you ever sat and reflected on what you are currently facing?  Have you heard the whisper from God about your assignment and felt like He can’t possibly be calling you to that?  Have you ever felt that you can’t possibly bear this too?

When there is an assignment on our lives, God will use the trials to direct us to our calling and purpose.  The pain that we experience is used to help someone who will cross our paths in the future.  But, it’s when we try to run from that calling that our fear tells us that we can’t possibly do it.  But Beautiful, when there is an assignment, nothing else will work until we are walking in that calling.  That’s the power of resistance!

The power of resistance comes to show us that total surrender is required.  And no I’m not talking about surrendering in that we continue to allow others to hurt us but surrendering to God and the reason why we were created.  You can’t try and control the situation as nothing but total reliance on Him is required.  I know it doesn’t feel good when we are going through but it’s His plan.  It’s His power within us that supersedes all the pain and hurt that we experience.  It’s His plan that will keep us from running!  It’s His plan that will show us when WE need to change.

Perhaps, our character is off!  Perhaps, we have fear!  Perhaps, we aren’t walking in love!  Whatever it is, God will show us as we can’t run from our purpose.  We can’t fight the resistance that the calling has on our lives.

So Beautiful, stop fighting the voices that say you are not enough or will never measure up!  Stop fighting that gut instinct you have and accept that you are called for a greater purpose!  Stop fighting the resistance and accept that you have the strength to keep moving!  You were not designed to give up!

keep going